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New Generation

Air Oasis technology 

Advanced, next-generation air hygiene 

Intro: Air Oasis’ powerful yet environmentally friendly air cleaning technology was first developed by NASA to allow vegetables to grow in space labs. Since then Professor Nabarun Ghosh and his team of scientists at West Texas A&M University have further improved these systems to create Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPO). You’ll find that Air Oasis’ patent-pending Nano Nickel HCT catalyst technology is far superior to any PCO TiO2 ‘air freshener’ catalyst on the market.


Comprehensive destruction of contaminants

Put simply, the blanket of negative ions produced by an Air Oasis module flood your facility or room, colliding with impurities in the air and instantly demobilising them. This reaction occurs before the contaminants can come in contact with the surroundings, thus helping to sanitise surfaces as well.


Complete oxidisation of impurities

Air Oasis’ Nano Nickel catalyst contains unique blend of 5 different metals:

  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Rhodium
  • Copper
  • Titanium

Used in Nano form to coat a rotating aluminium cylinder, this mix results in a much larger surface area than in traditional PCO units. Protons of ultraviolet light from the special Air Oasis long-lasting germicidal 254nm UVC lamp react with the module. The greater area of the cylinder equates to a significantly higher rate of oxidation. Thus toxic VOC by-products such as formaldehyde are almost completely eliminated.


Beware of cheap imitations

The patent-pending Air Oasis process is in stark contrast to the many imitation air cleaner products on the market that use the cheap pigment TiO2. These inferior brands usually leave harmful residues of volatile organic compounds. Air Oasis’ superior Nano Nickel catalyst’s much larger release of negative ions ensures a total oxidation and breakdown of impurities in the air. These pathogens, of course, would eventually have settled on the surfaces of your indoor space. Therefore surface contamination is also greatly reduced.


Flexible, adjustable, sustainable, safe

Unlike inferior PCO units, Air Oasis AHPO technology’s patent-pending rotating cylinder can be adjusted in your in-duct system to prevent radiation. Thus the powerful germicidal 254nm UVC lamp doesn’t damage electrical components or plastic fittings. And compared to many air purifiers, which use over 100 watts of electricity, most Air Oasis products use less than 20 watts.


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