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Operating theatre

Fresh, sanitised air for your hospital

Air Oasis air purification systems neutralise the toxic bacteria, superbugs, viruses, mould and VOCs widespread in hospitals and nursing homes – without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Dental surgeries

Installing Air Oasis in surgeries is good practice

Medical, dental, veterinary, laboratories. Air Oasis’ friendly negative ions not only safely sterilise the air, but also cut down airborne microbes being deposited on objects and surfaces.

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Image: School

Whole schools can catch a cold

Air Oasis systems greatly minimise airborne viruses and bacteria, before they attack children’s susceptible immune systems.

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Panel 4:

Image: Tall building/offices

One sick employee can infect everyone

Your workforce can be decimated by a staff member bringing a disease to work. Air Oasis deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria and lets your office breathe clean.

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Panel 5:

Fruit and vegetables

Reduce food waste and increase your profits

Ethylene gas, mould and bacteria attack fruit, vegetables, fresh flowers – any organic goods. Stop premature spoilage of your produce with Air Oasis.

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Panel 6:

Image: Hotel

Get rid of tiny toxic guests

Your international guests can unwittingly carry exotic viruses and diseases. Installing Air Oasis neutralises microbial air contamination – including tobacco smoke – prior to it being deposited on surfaces.

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Panel 7:

Image: Public building

Sanitise your public amenity

Gyms, cinemas, shopping malls. People gathered indoors will always produce an unhealthy build-up of bacteria and viruses. Cleanse heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems with Air Oasis.

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Panel 8:

Image: Airport

You think it’s safe to travel?

Airports, trains, taxis, boats – travellers in close proximity are always vulnerable to airborne-to-surface contaminants. Air Oasis will greatly minimise cross-infection, powerfully and harmlessly.

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