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Electrostatic filters

Premium filtration performance for commercial exhausts

Remove fine grease particles, cooking fumes and smoke and odour efficiently, economically and safely with the AAWFS largest selection of commercial electrostatic filters. Grease created from the cooking process is is highly flammable. This pollutants build up inside your commercial kitchen exhaust duct increasing the risk of fire. Our very efficient Electrostatic precipitator will filter this grease and other contaminant hence reducing the risk of fire in the duct. Electrostatic air filter operation is also extremely energy efficient. EK50-verical-door-open1-211x350


Cut down on cleaning and maintenance

Installing an EK Series electrostatic air filter will also greatly reduce your maintenance and air duct cleaning times. Plus the quality of the filtered air is such that it can be partially recirculated back into the kitchen exhaust hood if needed, or discharged at street or roof level.

Excellence in air and odour management

An Air and Water Filtration Solutions EK Series will remove the finest particles of your kitchen pollutants, removing up to 95% of 0.01-micron particles.

•    First stage: The pre-filter. This catches any large particles of grease that may have slipped through the honeycomb air filter. The contaminants accumulate against the pre-filter and drop into a tray located below the unit.

•    Second stage: Ionisation of the contaminants by charging them with 13,000 volts (Micro amp). A series of alternatively negatively and positively charged plates (6,000 volts) attract the particles. This second high voltage charge plays a significant part in the supreme efficiency of your EK Series electrostatic filter.


•    Third stage: Contaminants drip from these plates into the tray underneath the unit, which is easily cleaned by the kitchen staff or your cell exchange service contractor. The frequency of cell cleaning is determined by your particular restaurant type and the amount of cooking or coffee roasting you perform.

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