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Adelaide-SA Balkan Burger. Double filtration for exhaust at street level.Adelaide-SA
AQ-ESP-Hood-Westfield Sydney  New “All In One” ESP_hood designed by Australian Mechanical Engineer.Patent pending.AQ-ESP-Hood-Westfield
AQ-ESP-Hood-WestfieldNew “All In One” ESP_hood. Door access to the filtration cell.Easy cleaning exchange of cells.Patent pendingAQ-ESP-Hood-Westfield2
Balkan-BurgersBalkan Burger. Double filtration for exhaust at street level.Balkan-Burgers
Smoke House BBQ – Gold Coast QLD Special designed exhaust systems with fresh air mixBBQ-Coolangatta-QLD
BBQ-Coolangatta-QLDOzone injection at beginning of duct re maximising odour control efficiencyGreat great food.. If you are at Coolangatta you must taste that food..BBQ-Coolangatta-QLD1
BBQ-Coolangatta-QLD2 Very high level of filtration efficiency. Double pass Electrostatic Precipitators achieving over 99% filtration efficiency excluding the  additional ozone treatment.BBQ-Coolangatta-QLD2
Cafe-Martin-Place-SydneyHorizontal discharge into Elizabeth street. Double pass filtration specified.Cafe-Martin-Place-Sydney
Cafe-Martin-Place-Sydney_innerDouble pass ESP installed for high efficiency. Clean air exhaustedCafe-Martin-Place-Sydney_inner
Charcoal-chicken-Caringbah. Roof exhaust vertical dischargeCharcoal-chicken-Caringbah-NSW
Chester-Hill High grease, high smoke high odour level treated with double pass ESP filtration and ozone for odour control.Chester-Hill2
Chester-Hill Modification of originally unfiltered exhaust. redirection of duct to fit filtrations system.Chester-Hill3
Chester-Hill Ozone generator under rain protection coverChester-Hill4
Chinese-restaurant-Westfield shopping centre New “All In One ESP_hood” filtration systems.Chinese-restaurant-Westfield
Silencers.-Westfield-CBDPart of the exhaust system with All In One ESP_hood see silencers fitted within the exhaust ducts.silencers.-Westfield-CBD
Grill Meats Wine. Wellington NZHeritage building needed high quality filtration. Double pass high airflow ESPby Air and Water Filtration Solution.Italian-restaurant-Olympic-Park-NSW
Lebanese-charcoal-Chester-Hill-NSWHigh airflow double pass ESP filtration under rain protection cover.Lebanese-charcoal-Chester-Hill-NSW
Charcoal cooking-Chester-Hill-NSW Odour control using ozoneLebanese-charcoal-Chester-Hill-NSW1
Italian restaurant Olympic Park SydneyNearby residential building needed high level filtration efficiency.Italian-restaurant-Olympic-Park-NSW
Euro Restaurant Auckland NZ. Very high filtration efficiency with auto-wash ESP. Washing cells daily guaranty maximum efficiency every day.Euro-Restaurant-Auckland-NZ
Noodles for You restaurant Wold Square Centre. NEW! Air Quality “All In One” ESP_hood (Electrostatic cells located above the hood. Easily accessed through door panel inside the hood.All-In-One”-ESP_hood
Mad Duck Cafe.
92 River Esplanade, Docklands VIC
Odour control using OZ-O3 series ozone generator
HD Bar & Grill 326 Hawthorn Rd

Caulfield 3162


Air Quality AQ series ESP and ozone generator filtration system. >99% efficiency.

Subway restaurant
Melbourne VIC
Filtration odour control for horizontal discharge
2  EK series ESP in Parallel mode (double pass also called in series)Parallel
2 ESP in parallel mode (doubling airflow rate) and 2 being inedible pass for high filtration. Chargrill or charcoal cooking creating smoke and or high grease require double pass filtration.Parallel_double_pass
2 ESP in parallel mode.See electronics with safety shut down power.series
Single ESP.series1
Double pass ESP. Individual electronics power supply.single