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Indoor odours














The aroma of coffee makes you feel ecstatic, the smell of rain is nostalgic but just when you start to enjoy its sweetness you are interrupted by a pungent smell of stale food or any other bad odour. If only we could purify the air around us with freshness everywhere.

After all when we breathe good, we feel good.

Understanding this quotient is our innovation-INSTACLEAN.

Instaclean, a creation of Faraday Ozone, is an innovative portable air purifier that can eliminate any odour with the use of ozone.

At Faraday Ozone, we believe in structuring products with the application of ozone that are simple yet efficient. No wonder we are a global player with a prominent presence in more than 40 countries. Our products are designed in a manner that requires no technical skill to install and operate. Instaclean is one of the best example.

Can be used in


Hospital                                              Lab
Office                                                   Public places
Hotel                                                    Cold storage
Home                                                   Fruits & Vegetables




Instaclean, through a simple practice of circulating ozone, can wipe out strong odour or micro organisms in a short span of one hour with a room size extending upto 5000sqft. And the device comes with a timer too. So go ahead and breathe some good air, for the device can be carried and installed anywhere you want.

The Purification Process

When the Ozone molecule is released in a lower sphere, it oxidizes the pollutant and changes its structure therefore destroying the organisms attached to it. This process eradicates the source of the odour making the air environment friendly and pure.
















  • Destroys all kinds of odour, including factory fumes, chemicals, decayed body or as basic as
    kitchen residues.
  • Eradicates all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms to sanitize the place.
  • Eliminates odour through a natural purifying process
  • Removes allergy causing pollens, microbes, molds and mildews
  • The process of purification is completely natural and not chemical.
  • High speed blower to cover long distance.
  • Compact – Handheld

Technical Specification

Model                                                                     AS100                                              AS50

Power Input                                                                                230 V AC 50/60 Hz

Power Consump_on                                                50 Watts                                              30 Watts

Principle of opera_on                                                            High Frequency Corona Discharge

Ozone Produc_on                                                     2000 mg/hr                                       1000 mg/hr

Enclosure Material                                                                         Stainless steel

Opera_ng Method                                                                           Timer operated

Dimensions (LxWxH in cm)                                 41.5x16x27.2                                        32.6x11x23

Weight                                                                        3.9 Kgs                                                  2.7 Kgs

Warranty                                                                                            1 year














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