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Commercial Kitchen

Quality air filtration at budget prices

It goes without saying that installing the right components for your commercial kitchen exhaust system is vital to the successful operation of your restaurant, food premises or coffee roaster. Air and Water Filtration Solutions doesn’t manufacture or sell range hoods as we have no wish to compete with our valued metal fabricator and manufacturing customers!
We concentrate on supplying the following vital components of your commercial kitchen hood and ventilation system, at extremely competitive prices:

Choosing the right exhaust filtration system

Your kitchen designer or hood manufacturer should offer you a complete filtration system. Here is an outline of a typical process:

    • Stage 1. Stainless steel honeycomb filters installed inside the hood trap larger grease particles (up to 8 micron) and protect the exhaust duct against flames. Honeycomb filters, however, are ineffective in removing the finest particles of grease, oil mist, fumes, smoke and odours. These will build up in and around the ventilation ducting and the fan, causing a dangerous and highly flammable situation.
  • Stage 2. The EK Series electrostatic filters will not only filter these tiny grease particles (up to 0.01 micron) but will also – unlike UV lights – remove smoke.
  • Stage 3. The AAWFS recommended inline centrifugal fan from Aerovent, moves the air along the duct quietly and powerfully.
  • Stage 4. The OZ-O3 Series ozone generator destroys the remaining odours quickly and safely. Clean, pure air is discharged at roof or street level.
  • An AAWFS RM-2 remote monitor keeps your kitchen staff constantly updated on the status of your all-important air filtering operations.

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Choose from the videos below to see an AAWFS commercial kitchen exhaust system at work:

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