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Odour Control-Ozone

Destroy kitchen exhaust odours cleanly and powerfully

Eradicate commercial kitchen exhaust smells and air pollution quickly, economically and sustainably with nature’s own powerful air purifier – ozone.     Air and Water Filtration Solutions’ OZ-03 Series ozone generators powerfully oxidise kitchen and coffee roasting smells plus any residual grease particles left from filtration. Pure, clean air is discharged at street level.

Fast, effective, safe

Ozone is the strongest available air cleaner and disinfectant for treating odours. You’ll find AAWFS’ OZ-O3 Series ozone generator:
•    Uses the Corona discharge system, with ceramics rather than coils. These produce a higher ozone concentration in the 2 standard sizes 20 and 30 g/h.
•    Enables you to install two or more units installed in parallel increasing output to 40, 50, 60 gram/hour or up to 90 g/h with 3 units.
•    Has powerful oxidation properties that reduce any remaining grease particles into a dust-like powder.
•    Channels the ozone into the exhaust duct, located close to the exhaust hood. In 2 seconds odours and grease particles are oxidised before fresh, disinfected air is released either on the roof or as horizontal discharge at street level, back into the atmosphere.
•    For light commercial cooking (e.g; coffee shops and small take away premises), the OZ-O3 should be sufficient to treat the contaminants, without installing an electrostatic filter.

Nature’s steriliser – green and clean

Ever noticed the fresh, clean smell of the earth after a storm? It’s nature’s own air purifier – ozone.
•    You’ll get a resounding tick from council certifiers and health inspectors when you install the OZ-O3 Series ozone generator in your commercial exhaust system.
•    Ozone reverts to oxygen 10 to 20 minutes after reacting with odours and being released into the atmosphere. Clean air is produced using environmentally friendly technology.

Economical, easy to install

The OZ-O3 is one of the most technologically advanced ozone generators available, not only in Australia and New Zealand, but worldwide. You’ll also be very pleasantly surprised by its cost. That’s because Air and Water Filtration Solutions are exclusive importers directly from the factory – there are no middlemen or exclusive distributor charges added on.And you’ll also be delighted by the OZ-O3 Series’ ease of installation and handling.

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