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Remote monitor

Kitchen exhaust status – keep updated

Build-up of grease and smoke pollutants in commercial kitchen exhaust systems can be a notorious fire hazard if filtration units are malfunctioning. Installing an Air and Water Filtration Solutions RI-2  remote monitor (remote indicator) will take the guesswork out of the status of your kitchen ventilation system. Restaurant owners and kitchen staff will get peace of mind – for a very low price.


Simple, reliable, effective

An AAWFS RI-2 will usually be positioned within clear sight of your kitchen team. The separate operating statuses of both your electrostatic filter and ozone generator are clearly indicated.
•    A green light means the ESP is working normally.
•    A red light means the ESP is off, or faulty, but more likely the cell/s need cleaning.

Checking on the vital operation of your commercial ventilation filters is as simple as that.
The RI-2 can monitor 2 EK units and 2 ozone units individually.

Watch an animation
Choose from the videos below to see an AAWFS commercial kitchen exhaust system at work:

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