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Keep your interior naturally fresh

Whether it’s a caravan, motor home, trailer or boat, your mobile home-away-from-home is your passport to exhilarating freedom and adventure. But there are downsides to compact living. Odours and other bacteria and pollutants can build up in confined spaces. And sleeping in close proximity to your cooking area or toilet can be less than desirable.

A handy, portable Air Oasis Air Sanifier®  air cleaning unit will purify your air and surroundings – without leaving harmful chemical residues.


Advanced technology – from NASA to you

Air Oasis new-generation technology was first developed by NASA to keep fruit and vegetables fresh in space. It’s since been enhanced by our

scientists to make interiors cleaner, safer and more comfortable worldwide. Air Oasis’ patent-pending Nano Nickel HCT catalyst works simply by blanketing the air with friendly negative ions, rapidly deactivating:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Mould
  • Allergens
  • Harmful chemical residues (VOCs)
  • Bad odours

Contaminants are neutralised before they can settle on surfaces, so Air Oasis helps freshen and sanitise your whole caravan, RV and boat interior.


Beware of imitation ‘air fresheners’

Most spray, gel and plug-in ‘air fresheners’ work by simply desensitising the sensors in your nose. They’re not only expensive and ineffective – they can also be downright dangerous. Nearly all, even the so-called ‘organic’, or ‘green’ ones, have been found to emit hazardous chemicals, some of them carcinogenic. These include:

  • Benzene – known to cause leukaemia in humans
  • Formaldehyde – linked to cancer of the respiratory system
  • Butane – toxic to the brain and nervous system
  • Propane – a blood and cardiovascular toxin
  • Liquefied petroleum gas – brain toxic; associated with ‘petrol sniffing’
  • Phthalate esters – hormone-disrupting chemicals which can pose a particular risk to young children and babies.

These artificial ‘air cleaning’ products have been shown to aggravate asthma and affect reproductive systems. A recent ALSPAC study by the University of Bristol also found that frequent exposure to these toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is linked to:

  • Increased diarrhoea and earaches in infants
  • Increase headaches and depression in adults


Sanitise air and surroundings without chemicals

Many other ioniser (PCO) air purification brands use cheap titanium oxide (a white pigment in house paint) as a catalyst. These produce harmful

VOC by-products. Air Oasis’ advanced patent-pending 5-metal Nano Catalyst  leaves no toxic residues. You’re left with nothing but crisp, fresh air and naturally cleaner interiors.


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