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Help protect your students from disease

If you’re a school, nursery or kindergarten administrator, you’ll be well aware that children’s underdeveloped immune systems leave them highly vulnerable to infection and contagious diseases.

Toxic pathogens can spread very rapidly through the air and contaminate surfaces. Air Oasis air quality systems deactivate up to 99.7%* of the viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould and harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that multiply in crowded spaces.


Sanitised air without harmful by-products

Unlike many inferior air filtration and imitation PCO air sanitisers on the market, Air Oasis works by producing an environmentally friendly blanket of negative ions. There are no toxic by-products such as formaldehyde. Your children will simply breathe clean, fresh air and come in contact with naturally disinfected surroundings.


Reduce fatigue, increase concentration and energy

Research from West Texas A&M University has shown that breathing pure air lessens tiredness and boosts energy and learning. And not just in young children – students and staff in high schools, universities and technical colleges will also benefit enormously from Air Oasis air hygiene systems. Since some 56% of our energy comes from the air we breathe*, providing Air Oasis pure air quality for your students makes real educational sense.


*West Texas A&M University lab test results


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