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Protect your travel customers and staff

Intro: Anyone who’s ever caught flu or a nastier disease from travelling will know that planes, trains, boats and taxis can be hotbeds of infection. Microbial contamination can quickly spread to all corners of the globe as a result of:

  • Cramped, crowded conditions
  • Rapid transit times

This includes potentially lethal diseases that many so-called ‘air cleaners’ are powerless to combat.


Advanced air quality solutions

Body: Install an Air Oasis air purifier system and you’ll be going a long way towards protecting your travelling public and workforce alike. First developed by NASA, Air Oasis’ patent-pending Nano Nickel HCT catalyst will neutralise up to 99.7%* of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and allergens. Chemically free and without toxic VOC by-products such as formaldehyde.


Naturally sanitised air, hygienic surfaces

Your passengers and staff will simply breathe fresh, clean air. Plus surface contamination from airborne particles is much reduced. The risk of touching surfaces such as seats, handrails, restrooms and door handles is greatly minimised. Air Oasis air purifier systems are highly effective in:

  • Airports
  • Railway, metro and underground stations
  • Taxis and hire cars
  • Ships and yachts
  • Trucks and cars
  • Mobile homes and campervans


*West Texas A&M University lab test results


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